Former Field Director ADLCC

Bren Pantilione

Bren Pantilione comes from a background of education and grassroots organizing. Recently, they worked as the Campaign Manager for an LGBTQ nonprofit in Florida that pioneered using deep canvassing to change public opinion on transgender equality. In 2016, Bren was on the training team for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Bren has also worked as an organizer, campaign manager, and field director on various candidate and issue campaigns here in Arizona. When not in the United States, Bren works as an English as a Foreign Language Teacher in countries such as Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Egypt. Bren was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Islamic Studies.

Course Highlights

  • Why We Knock on Doors

    Get to know your fellow voters

  • Canvassing Best Practices

    Be an effective change agent

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to Canvassing

    • ADP Academy Video Lesson - Intro to Canvassing

    • Intro to Canvassing Syllabus

    • Intro to Canvassing Transcript

  • 2

    Knowledge Check

    • Intro to Canvassing Knowledge Check

  • 3

    Follow Up Survey (Optional)

    • Intro to Canvassing Survey

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