ADP Director of Party Affairs

Mary Darling

Mary brings over thirty years of hospitality, organizing, and leadership expertise to our Party. Currently, the Director of Party Affairs and Chair of the Council of Chairs, Mary represent the strength of the grassroots and field expertise. Her passion for training and neighborhood organizing in both rural and urban areas including those underrepresented communities throughout Arizona is reflected in the work she does every day. Currently, Mary lives in Nogales, AZ after living in Bali, Indonesia for many years, and sailing the Pacific Ocean from LA to Mexico to New Zealand to Fiji.

Course Highlights

  • Voting Rights

    Registering voters helps continue the important work of ensuring every citizen’s right to vote.

  • PEVL

    The Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) makes voting easy and convenient.

  • Arizona Voting Laws

    An understanding of Arizona’s voting laws will help you register voters successfully.

  • Voter Registration Process

    The process of filling out a voter registration form can seem intimidating for new voters but is fairly straightforward once you understand it.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Become a PC Introduction

    • ADP Academy Video Lesson - How to Become a PC

    • How to Become a PC Syllabus

    • How to Become a PC Transcript

  • 2

    Knowledge Check

    • How to Become a PC Knowledge Check

  • 3

    Follow Up Survey (Optional)

    • How to Become a PC Course Survey

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